Business plan and model development

Essence of a business plan

There are two types of business plans:
For internal use - used to evaluate the viability of new products and projects, current operations of the company, financial analysis and development of a future operation plan;
For external use  - used for submitting to banks, LIAA, other governmental institutions or for potential investors.


Characteristics of a business plan prepared by IFA

  • logically structured and laconic-written;
  • transparent and neatly presented;
  • all of the financial assumptions can be verified;
  • a thoroughly detailed financial model;
  • no grammatical or mathematical errors;
  • intelligent and professional language;
  • an electronic version is submitted in .pdf format;
  • printed on a premium-quality paper and bound together.


Our offer

  • Preparation of a business plan in 1 to 3 weeks time in Latvian, English and Russian languages;
  • Business plans are made for attracting all types of financing;
  • Business plan consists of (but is not limited to):
  - Summary;
- Description of the company (business, personnel, brief history, highlight of advantages);
- Description of the project;
- Analysis of the market and competition;
- Risk assessment;
- Detailed description of the required financing;
- Financial assumptions and models.
  • Financial models are developed with the utmost comprehension. They include forecasts on cash flows, balance sheet projections, profit/loss calculations and various sensitivity analyses;
  • A typical business plan covers 30 - 60 pages, colour printed on a premium-quality paper, bound together and supplied in the required amount of copies which are supplemented with an electronic version of both business plan and financial models.