Development of complex financial calculations and cash flows

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Development of financial calculations and cash flow projections of all kinds of complexities.



There are two methods for calculating and presenting the cash flows from core operations – direct method and indirect method. Although both methods provide identical results, the indirect method is used in majority of cases due to its relative simplicity. Cash flows for investment and financial operations can only be calculated using the direct method.

Cash flow projections can be made, if the expected sales/services and expenses are projected, as well as the expected investments. Cash flow projections include all possible cash inflows and outflows, including raw materials expenses, sales and administration expenses, acquisitions and disposals of fixed assets, repayments of loans and reception of loans, as well as dividend payouts or equity increases.


To successfully prepare a cash flow projection, the following has to be done:


Calculation of the expected payments from customer:



Estimate of the budgeted income for each month.



Determining the deferred payment time granted to customers.


Calculation of the expected payments to suppliers:



Estimate of the production volume and monthly material usage.


Estimate of monthly changes in stocks and purchases of materials Determining the deferred payment time granted by suppliers.


Determining other monthly payments, such as acquisition of fixed assets, wage/salary payments, rental payments, long and short term payments, tax payments and similar payments.