Financing attraction

  • We organize loan (including leasing) attraction for the following purposes:

- Asset acquisition,
- Project financing,
- Increase of working capital,
- Acquisition of other companies,
- Trade finance transactions (including factoring).

  • We achieve the refinancing of existing debt financing liabilities, improving their conditions;
  • We organize attraction of other types of capital for companies;
  • Acquisition of «Altum» program financing, guarantees, and mezzanine capital.
    We invite you also become acquainted with ALTUM support programs that provide access to public aid for the development of your company.


Step 1


Step 2

IFA professionals working together with the management of the company and its shareholders, set the goals for attraction of capital or improvement of existing conditions, amounts and other key terms. Both parties reach an agreement on possible and preferable sources of financing.



Preparation of the project business plan and all types of financial and project related documentation, evaluations; we perform the optimization of balance policy indicated risks and submit the prepared package of documents to the chosen financial institutions.

Step 3


Step 4

We prepare additional information and clarifications required by the potential source of financing, organize and participate in meetings between the operational and upper management of potential sources of financing.



After the positive decision regarding the granting of the financing, we run the negotiation process, propose possible improvements of articles in agreements to gain the most advantageous terms for the customer.


Step 5


Step 6

We support the customer throughout the process of drawing down funds and implementation of legal processes.



At the request of the customer we continue to manage daily co-operation with financial institutions, running the daily communication, preparation of reports and other types of information.